10.18.17 S03 E02 · Eps3.1undo.gz

I haven't been able to say too much about this, but now I can - YOUR BOY IS ON MR. ROBOT!  Working with the writer and director, Sam Esmail, as well as Rami Malek was so special for me.  I only got a glimpse of their collaboration, but what I saw was full of commitment and daring.  It makes me want to do and risk so much more in my own work.  Very lucky to have been involved with the production of such a truly unique show and I'm really happy with how my little bit turned out. 

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7.17.17 Madam Secretary, another round please.

Usually I get told to stay away from set after working on a show.  Fortunately for me, someone screwed up big time and invited me back onto "Madam Secretary" for a third episode!  Showed up to the location and Morgan Freeman was directing, so yeah, just another Monday for lil' Tommy White. 



7.7.17 The Last O.G. with Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan has a new show coming on in the Fall on TBS and your boy was lucky enough to get to do a scene with an idol.  The show is called "The Last O.G." and you need to do whatever it takes to watch it.


6.21.17 The 19th Annual Del Close Marathon

They're here...Improvisers from around the world are converging on New York City to be a part of the biggest improv festival in the world - The Del Close Marathon.  3 days, 10 stages, over 700 shows and panels - it's nuts.  If you've never attended, stop being a dummy and go.  Specifically, go to my shows:

MOOSE - Saturday June 24 1:40pm TNC - Johnson
BARRYMORE - Saturday June 24 10:40pm TNC - Cabaret

Click here for tickets


6.19.17 Shades of Blue

What was I doing on set?  Oh nothing, just a little scene with Jennifer Lopez aka J-Lo aka Jenny from the Block aka One of the Biggest Crushes of My Teen Years.  Yes, that Jennifer Lopez. It is a truly collaborative team creating this show and I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to spend a day with them.  Episode should air sometime in the fall.

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5.3.17 Started filming an episode of [REDACTED]

I lost count of how many NDA's I signed, so there is very little I can say about this project other than it was an incredible couple of days on set.  I can share more once the show airs, which should be sometime mid/late October.  


3.15.17 Added to Harold Night at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater NYC

Ooo boy!  Excited (as heck) to announce I've been added to Harold Night at the UCB Chelsea!  Aside from not having to wait in line to get into Harold Night anymore, I am so thankful to have the opportunity to perform with some of the top improvisers in New York.  First show will be April 4th, plenty of time to think of an excuse to get out of it.

Cool, but what the hell am I talking about?

Upright Citizens Brigade Theater // The Harold // Del Close


3.7.17 Final Lloyd Night for Barrymore on 3/8!

BARRYMORE, will be performing for the final time on Wednesday, March 8th at the UCB Theater East Village.  This has been an incredible experience and I can't wait to see what comes next for this talented crew.  Tickets for the show available below:

Lloyd Night: Nobody is Watching - UCB Theatre 


2.28.17 Elementary

Shot an episode of CBS's hit series, Elementary! This was the second time in my career performing inside of a storage unit.  The first time was in 2002 because we were broke and it was the only location we could afford.  This time it was because the scene actually took place in a storage unit.  The episode should air early-mid April.